Breda McHale


Breda McHale (MSc in Personal and Management Coaching) is a Transpersonal Coach and founder of BE Programme. Through a unique blend of modern science, Eastern psychology and ancient Celtic wisdom, she facilitates a holistic approach to personal development, growth, and wellness for her clients.


Breda feels passionate about her work in bringing awareness to how beliefs and behaviours shape our world. Cognitive neuroscience shows that we don’t just perceive our world, but that rather, we actively generate it. Our perceptions are more about what we put out than what we take in. Our experiences ARE influenced by our own internal state, which is influenced by the old programmes running in our sub-conscious mind.


When clients are experiencing stagnation or feeling disconnected from a sense of self and find themselves running on a track parallel to the life they want to live, Breda helps them to journey inward, to recognise how the unconscious has been influencing their lives. When consciousness is connected to the body, we are comfortable with change; we are capable of bringing compassion and understanding to ourselves and to others.


Despite determination on the part of many individuals to create change in their lives, well intentioned goals can fall by the wayside. As a Reiki Master, who has worked with Universal Energy for eighteen years, Breda uses an energy approach, in conjunction with Eastern Psychology and Coaching Psychology, enabling clients to address multiple layers of blockage, resulting in more effective pursuit of goals.

MSc in Personal and Management Coaching,
Transpersonal Coach and founder of BE Programme.