How different
our lives can ‘BE’

When we discover just what it means to simply ‘BE’ in the present moment, we discover how different our lives can be. We experience the freedom of BE-ing who we are here to BE.

Freedom to ‘BE’

Many of us spend a lot of time chasing down rabbit holes, as a distraction from the task of growing ourselves.  Lack of presence or resistance to living in the moment, prevent us from observing and perceiving from a place of consciousness. We remain blind to a world beyond what we expect reality to be; beyond what we have been programmed to see.

Welcome to BE programme

The BE Programme brand is related to key elements of my work and over thirty years of my own personal inner journeying.
Breda McHale

Bespoke Wellness Experiences
& Retreats

Inspiring Talks / Discussions
Guided Meditations
Fire Ceremonies – Working with fire as an element of transformation
Shamanic Drumming – Connecting with a resonant universe
Tree Talk – Celtic consciousness and inner wisdom.

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