The BE Programme offers a holistic / psychological approach to individuals and groups who are looking for change.

How BE can help you


If as a child one feels safe, nurtured and supported the result will be a dynamic and confident individual connected to a sense of self. However, for many this is not the case. The Be programme facilitates in taking back control and reclaiming our power.


Many obstacles which prevent us from achieving potential are self-imposed; they are psychologically constructed rather than factual. Through the power of open communication clients are challenged to be the best that they can be.



Creating momentum for change through bringing awareness to what is buried deep in the unconscious.


Universal energy interventions are used in conjunction with Modern Science and Eastern Psychology to facilitate growth in Emotional Intelligence and Consciousness.


Issues which were affecting both my business and personal life brought me to Breda. She helped me identify and unravel what was at the core underlying these issues. She did this skilfully, with great gentleness and kindness. My sessions with Breda have been transforming on many levels and I could not recommend her more highly. Emer – Qualitative Researcher
Breda’s distinct strength lies in integrating her natural intuition with psychological approaches. Working with Breda allowed me to recognise and understand unconscious fear which was preventing me from moving forward with my career. Within hours of our third session I made the phone call which turned my career around! Sinead – Author
Working with Breda has been one of the most worthwhile, insightful and interesting things I have ever done! It has had a lasting, positive effect on me in my personal and professional life. I am now a much happier and more balanced person. Although challenging at times I felt comfortable and safe through the whole experience. I would absolutely recommend that everyone try at least one session.Kevin – Project Manager
Breda helped me to evaluate my beliefs and values in a practical way where for the first time I actually felt that I was being heard. I discovered the art of visualisation which works as a powerful tool for me. This is one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself; to learn that you can change anything. I am very grateful and would strongly recommend BredaLisa – Guidance Counsellor
Breda has the remarkable ability to SEE the whole you - in the gentlest way she led me to answers I already knew; I just didn’t know I knew! Frances – Director SME